What Is It About Prominent Yorba Linda Politicians?

What is it about prominent politicians who’ve hailed from Republican-red Yorba Linda?

Of course, Yorba Linda’s own Richard Nixon, the disgraced 37th U.S. President, is entombed within city limits at his lavish library, which celebrates conservative leaders while still whitewashing Nixon”s legacy.

This week, my District 72 Assemblyman, Yorba Linda’s married Mike Duvall who boasted of his 100% pro-family values ratings, was caught on a California Assembly hearing room mike talking smut about apparent affairs with two lobbyists.

Like Richard Nixon, disgraced Mike Duvall stepped down from office yesterday.

And Duvall’s buddy, Republican Assemblyman Jeff Miller of Corona, was booted off the Ethics committee today “because of his (eager) participation in the conversation in which… Duvall detailed alleged sexual exploits,” per Martin Wisckol of the Orange County Register.

Run, John MacMurray, Run!
I’m waiting for a statement from Democrat John MacMurray (photo above) as to whether or not he plans to run in the special election for Duvall’s California Assembly seat. MacMurray is a respected history/civics teacher in Fullerton.

MacMurray ran against Duvall in the last few elections, garnering a respectable 45% of all votes in 2008, despite the extreme conservatism of Yorba Linda denizens. To encourage Democrat MacMurray to run now for this seat, you can contribute at his ActBlue.com fundraising site.

Meanwhile, former Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby, a quasi-libertarian Republican and former Fullerton City Council member, has already thrown his conservative hat in the ring.

And God help us, former Placentia Mayor Scott Brady, a real estate developer who brought my city to its knees financially with weak leadership and horribly misguided decisions, is another Republican considering a run at the District 72 Assembly seat.

All I can say is RUN, JOHN, RUN. TheLiberalOC.com is with you!