Rep. Jose Solorio Takes Aim at Nevada – Sponsors a Pro-California Ad Campaign

State Rep. Jose Solorio has had it with the State of Nevada’s aggressive ad campaign to woo California businesses that he’s taken the initiative to fight fire with fire according to this report in today’s LA Times.

Solorio, upset at Nevada ad campaigns depicting Californians as clueless, is taking the high road with a new ad campaign that is decidedly pro-California.  From the story:

“A week after the Nevada Development Authority ran a series of advertisements urging California companies to jump ship, Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana) is retaliating.

“I was pretty outraged by the nastiness of their tone,” he said. “It’s one thing to compare states in a factual way, but when you’re doing nasty ads veiled in humor which dehumanize Californians, that’s over the top.”

On Friday, Solorio launched his own offensive: a multimedia blitz of pro-California ads proclaiming that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in California makes the world go ’round.”

In the video, sweeping shots of state landmarks and a list of prominent California businesses including Gap Inc. and EBay Inc. are interspersed with arid images attributed to Nevada.”

The interesting things about the pro-California ads being run by Solorio is that they aren’t coming form any taxpyaer funded state agency — they are coming form his own campaign account.  Now imagine one of these pro-business Republican legislators actually taking money out of their campaign coffers to promote the state as a destination for business. You’re right, I can’t either.