Sierra Club Opposes 57 Freeway Extension

FreewaySome good news came on the much derided proposal to extend the 57 Freeway down the middle of the Santa Ana River to either the 405 or PCH, depending on which proposal is presented at the time. State Senator Lou Correa has long been a champion of trying to stop this boondoggle, one of the reasons I have been such a big supporter of his. For years now, the OCTA board has floated around several proposals, only to see each one shot down. The craziest had to by Chris Norby’s proposed double decker freeway to the see. Because building a double decker freeway in an area with high water table in an region of California that is expecting a 7.5 earthquake is always a good idea.

For almost as long as Lou Correa has been in office, he has been trying to stop this mess. While local leaders in Santa Ana usually joined with him, he received tepid support from environmental groups, who were bLouCorreausy fighting against the 241 Toll Road. After many battles, it seemed like the extension was finally dead, Lou Correa and the voices of reason had won. Just when we thought the 57 freeway extension was FINALLY dead, it is back. This time they are talking about it in Strategy D of their Central Orange County Study which you can read HERE.

Yes you are reading correctly that they are proposing a tunnel under the river, you know that river that has a really high water table. Do they want to build a freeway or a log ride? Then of course is their at-grade proposal which would  ruin neighborhoods, ruin the bike trail and ruin Centennial Park, all the things the old  proposals did. This time, a big environmental group is on board, THE SIERRA CLUB. On Tuesday, they voted unanimously to oppose the extension, which is welcome news. I do hope the City of Santa Ana joins with the Sierra Club and Senator Correa in opposing this horrible idea that would divide the neighborhoods of this grand city.