Harry Sidhu Kicks Off 4th Sup District Campaign… In ANAHEIM HILLS

Imagine the outrage if a candidate for President kicked off their campaign in Mexico. Or imagine the outrage of Gavin Newsom or Jerry Brown kicked off their campaigns for California Governor in Arizona.  They would probably be finished at the Harrypoint, right. Well in a much more low key race, that is just what Anaheim City Councilman Harry Sidhu did kicking off his candidacy for the 4th Supervisorial District at his current residence in Anaheim Hills, which is in the 3rd Supervisorial District. He also lumps it in with his annual Indian Independence Day Party, which he has thrown for the last four years.

Really, Harry, you want to run in the 4th District, which is filled with many blue collar, working class voters, and many minorities and yet you act like you are too good to even be seen in the 4th District. I understand throwing a party at your own house is convenient, but when you are using the occasion to announce a run for a seat you have yet to carpetbag into, at least have the courage to actually announce it in the 4th District. Was there no place you could throw it within the Anaheim portion of the 4th? Or are the plebians in the flatlands too good for you Harry?

Barely beginning his campaign, and Harry Sidhu has made it clear his contempt for the people he supposedly wants to represent on the Board of Supervisors. He has made it clear he is yet another Anaheim Hills elitist trying to carpetbag his way into representing the predominately working class blue collar, minority communities of northwest and central Orange County. The voters have a real choice in this race and it isn’t Harry Sidhu. I encourage voters in the 4th District to contact Harry Sidhu at (714) 920-4151 and ask why he is too good to kick off his campaign in the district he wants to represent.

  2 comments for “Harry Sidhu Kicks Off 4th Sup District Campaign… In ANAHEIM HILLS

  1. adrian
    August 20, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    This news is kind of old isnt it?

  2. August 20, 2009 at 3:57 pm


    The post is commentary not news. Since it took you two days to read it, I doubt you visit us to get breaking news. While most of our blog team work full time jobs we do occasionally break news. Our coverage of the Andy Quach DUI, and the Tyler Diep / Citryst relationship are a couple recent examples.

    So in answer to your question, no this isn’t old news.

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