Blue Wave: San Bernardino County Turns Blue


Congratulations to San Bernardino Democrats! We received the following release this morning from the San Bernardino Democratic Party.

Democrats now outnumber Republicans in San Bernardino County
by more than 20,000 registered voters

   SAN BERNARDINO – Democratic registration in San Bernardino County achieved another milestone Monday, when the County Registrar of Voters announced that there are now 20,000 more Democrats than Republicans registered throughout the county, achieving the largest Democratic lead in county voter registration in more than 15 years.

   The Democratic lead of 20,113 more voters than Republicans, represents a turnaround of almost 55,000 voters in the past two years.  As recently as 2007, there were 34,600 more Republicans than Democrats registered in the county. 

    During the past two years, Democrats have outpaced Republicans in new voter registration by a pace of ten-to-one, with 61,000 new voters registering as Democrats, but only 6,000 new voters registering as Republicans. Voters declining to state a party outpaced Republicans almost five-to-one, with more than 28,000 voters registering non-partisan during the same period of time.

   “We have made tremendous strides!” stated Carol Robb, Chairwoman of the San Bernardino County Democratic Party.  “It was just two years ago when Democrats were down by more than 30,000.”

   “Long before Obama’s candidacy gained steam, the people of San Bernardino County began to realize that they were being lied to by Republicans at all levels of government,” Robb said.  “That’s when the shift began – over three years ago.  Democrats will continue to stand for what is in the best interests of all the people, rather than for corporate or personal greed.”

   Democrats declared San Bernardino to be a “blue” county last October, when they moved ahead of Republicans for the first time in more than six years, in spite of the county and state Republican parties hiring a professional group to register voters, the leader of which was arrested for voter registration fraud in Los Angeles County.

    “In spite of voter registration fraud, allegedly perpetrated last year by operatives of Mark Jacoby’s Young Political Majors in San Bernardino County, our numbers have grown steadily over the past 10 months” said Robb. 

   “This hasn’t ‘just happened’ – it is due to the hard work of our local Democratic clubs, and their many volunteers who understand the importance of ongoing voter registration,” Robb added.

   “The dramatic shift of more than 54,000 registered voters from Republicans to Democrats during the past two years is really exciting,” said Patrick Kahler, Second Vice-Chair of the County Democratic Party, who monitors voter registration statistics for the Party.

      “The fact that Democrats have outpaced Republicans by 10-1 in new registrations – 61,000 Democrats to 6,000 Republicans – during the past two years, says a lot about the Democratic message and how it is taking hold in San Bernardino County,” Kahler said.

         “Since 2006, the economy, the war, alleged corruption by local Republicans, and this country’s need for change, have been some of the reasons for the swing in favor of the Democrats,” said Kahler.

      Verification of voter statistics is available on the website of the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters at 

We aren’t doing so bad ourselves in Orange County either.