Santa Ana City Council to Vote on Station District

gnomesIn reaction to the OC Register’s investigative reporting on the redevelopment debacle east of Downtown Santa Ana, the City Council has come back with a supposed plan to develop the blight they created. You can read the article HERE. The powers that be at the Santa Ana City Hall went in and bought up several acres of property under the threat that they would use eminent domain to force them out. Being that most of the residents were working class immigrant families, they gave in to the City Hall shakedown. But the city had no plan. This reminds me of the South Park episode when the “underpants gnomes” presented Stan and Kyle their business plan. Step 1: Collect Property, Step 2: We don’t know, Step 3: Profit.

When the City was called to the carpet on this rediculous business plan, they quickly tried to put a plan together. The problem is, they are once again engaging in spot planning, despite the fact that is is going on two decades that the General Plan has not been updated. They are choosing once again to go with spot planning by giving a contract to two companies to study what needs to be done with the property and create a “Station District.” Problem is there is no mandate to reserve area for park space, something so desperately needed in this city and it only includes the vacant properties, not the entire neighborhood.

My concern is once again, the city continues to allow developers to dictate what areas should be zoned what and continue to throw away money on consultants when the real plan should be updating the GENERAL PLAN. There have already been two studies in attempts to get the controversial Rennaisance Plan off the ground and like the other two, the city is continuing their culture of secrecy in how Santa Ana is developed.

The so-called meetings with the community need to be watched very carefully. When the city is involved, they usually ensure only their supporters know what is going on and make it as hard as possible for potential critics to know when these meetings are. I call on the developers and the City of Santa Ana to do massive outreach to gather input for that area. One requirement, and the community needs to push for this, is for at least 2 acres to be designated for a park. We need to follow this one and make sure the City Council listens to the real will of the people.

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  1. Brenda
    August 18, 2009 at 10:06 am

    I work in this “Station District”. My company bought a loft and we regulate our business on the first floor. These lofts are beautiful but hardly practical at all. The community is very tight and they seem to all pull together. They also not seem to know they are in the middle of the LOGAN Street gang territory? I find it a little amussing. Its like being in another city in here No Hispanics? Its wierd I tell you. I dont see how a hispanic family would fit in here being that the lofts do not offer any backyard space or even a balcony. The closest to a backyard is the road that leads to your garage. Not so practical for any family regardless of race. There is a huge parking problem here. Employees and people who live here cannot park in the visitor parkings or we will be ticketed and or towed. Poinsettia street is now one hour parking and its enforced to the second. Its so annoying Ive received numerous parking tickets because of this. We can park across the street at the train depot if you can find parking? Its trully annoying and in my opinion somebody jumped the gun on this development and something needs to be done. Just some insight from an individual who has personal experience with the ” Station District”

  2. roman
    August 26, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    What street gang? have you walked the neighborhood at night. I have, I’ve cruised with my kids in and out,through Logan, through French at all hours and there has been nary a set of hoods hangin around. Largest problem seen are rabbits.

    What kind of crap is that about the “Hispanics” not fitting in at the lofts because there are no backyards or balconies…close-minded bs, further perpetuating stereotypes. Nice save throwing in “Not so practical for any family regardless of race”. Almost as offensive as the Xeroxed “Change your accent” signs posted recently in Venice.

    The parking problem…well, that was pretty easy for me to figure out when I looked at the area. Umm lofts, businesses, no parking hmmmmm not good. Not nailing you for your lack of foresite but, that’s what you have to consider when you’re looking to run a business out of a given site. Yeah, it seems like the development jumped the gun but I’m SURE that came up in the planning stage right… I’m confused though,do you want housing, parks or PARKING, I’m confused.

    As far as the Station District and what it entails,I just got wind of it and am looking into it. But the neighborhood…after being there for a month is tops by me.

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