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The following news release went out this morning. We figure our readers will be interested in this news.

Masthead Ltr acquires SunnyD Blog

Acquisition to bolster coverage of Santa Ana, Anaheim, Costa Mesa for Leading Liberal Blog based in Orange County

SANTA ANA, California – August 14, 2009 –, a leading progressive political blog that challenges Orange County’s Right-Wing Noise Machine, today announced the acquisition of the SunnyD Blog in a private transaction. The acquisition means SunnyD editor and publisher Claudio Gallegos will join TheLiberalOC blog team and augmenting the blog’s coverage of politics in Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Costa Mesa with an emphasis on expanding political influence of Orange County’s Latino community.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The acquisition was funded through private investment.

“We are delighted to add Claudio Gallegos to our blog team,” said Chris Prevatt, publisher of “Claudio has significant respect in the OC blogosphere and the respect of Orange County’s political movers and shakers due to his journalistic approach to political blogging. We believe his posts will add more readers and will make our site more attractive to advertisers seeking to reach progressive Democrats in Orange County.”

“I am thrilled to join TheLiberal OC and believe Sunny D’s readers will be better served by adding our voice to one of the leading political blogs in the county,” said Gallegos.

TheLiberalOC also announced the addition this month of Deborah White, a progressive blogger for, to blogroll.

Orange County is home to more than 500,000 registered Democrats, tied with San Diego county and ahead of San Francisco County for the county with the most registered Democratic voters in the very Blue state of California.

TheLiberalOC provides news and opinion with a center/left point of view.


The Liberal Orange County is maintained by a group of OC liberals. The blog is focused on the liberal political world of Orange County, and spotlights the people that are fighting the good fight. The opinions expressed by individual bloggers on this site are theirs alone and individually. is a 2008 Best of OC winner for “Best Liberal Blog” and is a nominee for the JustSpotted’s “Best Local Blog” from

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We are looking forward to Claudio’s first post, and welcome him to the team.

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  1. jose s.
    August 14, 2009 at 8:15 am

    hey prevatt, merging with another blog that nobody reads to cover things “santa ana” and aimed to expand political influence in the orange county latino community? didnt you sort of already have that with sean mill? didnt you kick him off? i mean i really wish this blog the best of luck but this all sounds pretty far fetched. i have noticed theres been some great posts lately but when people dont comment it seems like nobody’s even reading them.

  2. August 14, 2009 at 8:33 am

    Jose S,

    Unlike some other blogs, we do not have our writers devote time to having conversations among themselves to pump up their comment numbers. Our bloggers also do not spend time creating aliases for the purpose of discussing their posts in their comment threads, basically talking to themselves.

    Thank you for your comment about “great posts.” It is true that Sean Mill joined TheLibealOC for similar reasons and his departure was his “choice.” Given the content he has written on a local tabloid blog since his departure I am certainly happy he chose to move elsewhere.

  3. August 14, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Jose —
    Here is Claudio’s last post on Sunny D: An Ending and A New Beginning
    It has been over three months since we had a new post here and I apologize to all those who were eager to see some new posts. Sometimes life gets crazy and who knew running a blog would be so time consuming. I learned the hard way just how much time one must put into it and when you have a full time job and other priorities, well sometimes you have to choose what comes first.

    When it comes to doing things like spending time with my children or blogging, I would chose spending time with my children any day of the week over maintaining a blog. With that being said, this will be the last post of Sunny D. Of course it does not mean I am going away.

    I have been given an opportunity to blog over at The Liberal OC. There I will have the freedom to post my opinions on the many issues we face here in Orange County and not have to worry about running and maintaining the blog, I can rely on Chris Prevatt and Dan Chmeliewski to do that. So with that, thanks for reading folks and see you over at the Liberal OC.
    Posted by Claudio at 6:06 AM 0 comments

    Claudio has a reputation in Santa Ana and Orange County for being fair-minded and responsible; combining the best elements of journalism and opinion writing. In sort, he has respect from the political movers and shakers there.

    Our negotiations with him began months. With the addition of Claudio, Deborah White and Michael Fox, to go along with our other bloggers (who all post under their actual names), we have a strong blog team. I don’t think you can use the number of comments to accurately reflect the power a post has. Our stories on Royce’s town hall and Rep. Jerry Lewis’ bogus email are generating attention from mainstream media outlets. Our Q&A with Gavin Newsom was every bit as extensive as the Register’s interview.

    And if some of the buzz on the Internet is true, I have no hesitation stating we’ve done nothing technological (or illegal) to pump up our hit counts. There’s no house of cards ready to crumble here.

  4. jose s.
    August 15, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    prevatt, i’m sure many fake posts are written at the oj i’m sure it happens all the time. but what my hope is for this blog is honest reporting on topics that may be touchy with you like janet nguyen. i noticed a lot of posts about that drunk andy quach lately and thats a good thing but lets be fair and call out viet elected officials who need to be called out. back when i used to comment on the oj what a useless communist janet was art went as far as to say maybe i just didnt like asians? this is of course when art had his snout deepy embedded in janets rectum and she could do no wrong in his eyes. funny how now he bashes her regularly and went on to to say paul lucas was banned from this site for getting on janet but yet the reason i was banned from commenting on the oj was for bashing janet back when he was in love with her. what i wonder is does this mean pedroza doesnt like asians now? i noticed he took some of my comments on here and posted them on the oj even though he himself banned me from commenting on there. thats wacked. my point is that both blogs have done things like delete comments alter comments and ban people from commenting on things they didnt like hearing and both sides are guilty of that i know this for a fact. nobody is gonna tell me otherwise. they have 2 good bloggers over there but i think this can be a better blog so long as you allow people to comment and quit banning people. bring in bloggers who dont think like you. be the better blog.

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