Rep. Lewis calls for investigation over emails associated with Redlands Tea Party/Healthcare Town Hall

The Hesperia Star is reporting that Congressman Jerry Lewis is upset and angry over emails sent out bearing his name calling for Republicans to attend a Town Hall in Redlands and asking if they agree with Birthers. Lewis has called for the Capitol Police to investigate.

From the story:

“The e-mail is entirely bogus,” said Jim Specht, Lewis’ communications director, on Wednesday. “First of all, the congressman would never limit attendance at any of these functions. … Although obviously, there are limits to how many people can fit into the room.

“The organizers,” the Redlands-Yucaipa Tea Party group, “have unequivocally denounced the e-mail as well,” Specht said. “Their attitude is the more people who come, the better.”

And then there are the other claims in the e-mail sent out on Tuesday, each of which hits a hot-button issue.

“I am trying to host a Republican only ‘town hall’ summit on health care for my Republican fans only,” the e-mail reads in part. “Do you think Obamacare will kill seniors? Do you think there are no problems with your healthcare? Do you think to bad [sic] if you are uninsured? Do you think that birthers are right? If you answered Yes! Then I want you to come!”

The e-mail was allegedly sent out from the commercial site, not, Lewis’ actual e-mail host. (Actual origins of e-mails are easily faked, or “spoofed.”) The congressman has asked the Capitol Police to investigate.

“He feels very angry about this e-mail and feels this is exactly the wrong kind of way to attempt to influence the debate on healthcare,” said Specht, who called sending out the e-mail a “despicable act.” “He feels that we need to focus on finding a reform so that as many Americans as possible can be covered by healthcare.”

We direct the Capitol Police to our post from yesterday as a good starting point.