Rep. Royce Derides Literature Passed Out at His Healthcare Reform Town Hall

The LiberalOC contacted Rep. Ed Royce’s office today for comment on the literature passed out at his healthcare reform town hall over the weekend and Audra McGeorge, Royce’s press secretary, issued this statement on behalf of the Congressman.

“Individuals who attend my town hall meetings are not allowed to distribute their materials or display signs inside the meeting.  The individual in question was stopped at the door and told to dispose of his sign. Unfortunately, he was able to sneak several highly objectionable fliers from the Lyndon LaRouche organization into the meeting. Any attempt to portray me or my office as endorsing these repugnant fliers is 100 percent  false.”

ObamaHitler Ed Royce Town Hall

On a follow up, McGeorge was asked why Royce’s staff members, who were witnessed to be aware of this literature being distributed by our blogger Deborah White, did nothing to halt the literature’s dissemination, McGeorge had nothing further to say.  Happ[y to hear the Congressman thinks fliers with photos of President Obama shaking hands with Adolf Hitler are “repugnant” but the Congressman might want to call his staffers on the carpet for allowing this crap to even enter the debate in the first place.

Here’s what Deborah reported:

“I have no idea if Rep. Royce knew this rubbish was openly passed out inside the room just before he arrived. But I watched his many staffers do absolutely nothing to stop it.”

Some advice to the Congressman — 1.  Bump up your security.  2.  Denounce this sort of trash at the event itself.  3.  Time to fire some staffers who allowed this.