Aloha from Hawaii: Natives want to know if are Birthers Serious?

Aloha! I just got back from a week in Kaua’i with my family so I’m still getting caught up on the whole Andy Quach/Van Tran fiasco.

The nicest people live in Hawaii.  I took every opportunity to chat with locals about the whole Obama Birther movement of which our congressman, John Campbell, is a leader.  The answer from many native Hawaiians about my congressman’s position on Obama’s place of birth is: “You can’t be serious?”

Native Hawaiians fell into two camps.  Those who couldn’t believe we don’t have greater problems to solve and those who seemed — offended — that some nutcases here in OC will trust a fake Kenyan birth certificate over a document issued by the state of Hawaii.  One brave soul hadn’t heard the schuttlebutt at all and was shocked that anyone would question that the President wasn’t born in Hawaii.

Everywhere, there are books and souveniers celebrating the arrival of a President from Hawaii. 

We’ve noted before, published an extensive eyewitness report with photos of the Obama birth certificate.  But why this isn’t good enough for the Birthers is beyond me.  And those native Hawaiians I met with last week.

Congressman Campbell, have you produced your birth certificate yet?