Don’t Tell Miguel Pulido

Mayor Miguel Pulido

Mayor Miguel Pulido

“I didn’t speak to the mayor and so my supervisor suspended me for two days,” Cassandra Moye told the South Florida Times.

Also from the same piece, “On Monday, August 3, 2009 at approximately 9:00 AM at the North Pavilion the disrespectful attitude you displayed to the Mayor was unacceptable,” George Edmunds, the city’s acting director of Parks and Recreation, wrote in a Monday, Aug. 3 suspension notification memo issued to Moye. “The Mayor indicated that this was not the first time that you had not acknowledged her when you came into contact. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and is detrimental to the department. Your actions have caused irrevocable damage to the welfare of the department and your fellow workers.’’

Ms Moye is a $12.33 per hour maintenance worker for the Deerfield Beach Parks and Rec Dept.and works to keep clean the city’s beach with its buildings and public restrooms. According to the the South Florida Times, Ms Moye, while working, walked past the city’s mayor with whom she was not personally acquainted and who was engaged in a conversation with a number of other city workers including Ms Moye’s supervisor. Within an hour of this “incident” Ms Moye was suspended without pay for two days, effectively immediately.

There is mixed news to update the story. Reports are that the suspension was rescinded. That’s good. The incident remains in Ms Moye’s personnel file and she is required to attend counseling. Huh? Anyway, her union is planning to file grievances.

Quite a few people think and say that Miguel Pulido runs Santa Ana like a personal fiefdom. The most recent case in point is the awarding of a contract for a cockamamy trolley project based on connections rather than merit. Heaven  — and the SEIU — help the employees of Santa Ana if Pulido hears about this….