Solar: Innovative Way To Save Schools Money

The OC Register’s Fermin Leal reported yesterday on the Santa Ana Unified School District’s effort to assist in the battle against global warming and rising energy costs.

Santa Ana school adding solar power system

Saddleback High may soon produce up to 70 percent of the electricity it needs.

SANTA ANA – Saddleback High School will soon have a solar energy system that will allow the campus to supply up to 70 percent of its own electrical needs.

Officials at the Santa Ana Unified School District recently approved a plan to install the solar panel system at their south Santa Ana campus, saying the project could save the district up to $3 million in utility costs over the first five years.

Crews have already begun some of the preliminary work on the campus’ roofs. Completion of the $12.5 million project is scheduled for the middle of 2010.

“Installing an energy conservation program using natural resources will place our school district on the cutting edge of green technology and give us the ability to realize some actual savings down the road,” said Superintendent Jane Russo.

This story gives me an idea on how the Orange County Register might be able to save the jobs of a few reporters and fight global warming at the same time. Freedom Communications should install wind turbines on the roof of their Santa Ana headquarters and announce to their editorial staff that the paper has jumped on to the bandwagon and is going green to fight global warming.

Orange County Register Headquarters

Orange County Register Headquarters

The most important part will be to place Mark Landsbaum, Alan Bock, and Steven Greenhut’s desks on the roof under the new wind turbines.

I guarantee that with resulting wind storm, the Register will be able to power their offices and fight global warming without any problem at all.

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