QuachGate Update: But wait, there’s more!

The Orange County Register’ Deepa Bharath is reporting that the Westminster Police Department has completed it’s investigation of QuatchGate and turned over their report to the District Attorney, who will decide whether to press criminal charges in the case. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion this “case” ain’t going anywhere?

It turns out that Van Tran was there at the scene. Convieniently he allegedly arrived after Quach called him from the scene. If I read Tran’s quotes correctly he saw Quach at the West Coast Buffet on Beach Blvd. When he briefly stopped by to “say hello” after attending a vigil in Santa Ana. I wonder if Deepra asked what vigil Tran attended? He says he left Quach around 10 pm.

It is just as possible that Tran was in the car with Quach and snuck away since he lived only a mile away. He could then have returned under new conditions. I wonder if there will be any record of Tran arriving on scene or if he was actually seen driving a car? Seems that Tran has managed to craft a somewhat plausable reason to have been at the accident scene. We’ll probably never know for sure.

The problem with citizen reporting is that we do this “reporting” stuff in our spare time. In my case I have a job to do so we will have to see if the paid reporters over at the OC Register or LA Times can dig further into the meat of this saga.

So here is what I hope they find out…

1) Where had Andy Quach been before his accident that evening (what did he tell the cops on the scene)?
2) What direction was he sleep driving when this accident happened?
3) Was anyone else detained or arrested at the scene of that accident in addition to Andy Quach?
4) Where did Councilman Quach say he was driving to (address) and where did he say his residence was?
5) How long after the accident did it take for the blood for his blood test to get drawn?
And finally for the.”Bonus Question” Was Councilman Quach treated the same way any other DUI suspect would have been?

I think I will sit back now and see what the “real reporters” are able to dig up. Maybe they can find some pictures of what Andy’s S550 looked like after he built that Drive thru on McFadden.This web is starting to get far too tangled and complicated to figure out on my own, part time.

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  1. Milo
    August 5, 2009 at 12:38 am

    Tran comes to the aid of a friend who calls him in the middle of the night and Chris Prevatt finds a way to put him in the car. Is their a chance it was Andy alone in the accident like the OCR, LA Times and OC DA say it was?

    And then to pat yourself on the back for your part time “journalism” is laughable. Your just making up your own wild speculations.

    I think better of Assemblyman Tran for going to aid one of his buddies. If it was Loretta checking on the safety of one of her friends, I’d still feel the same way.

  2. August 5, 2009 at 1:13 am


    What I cannot figure outis, how a disoriented drunk man, with a blood alcohol level more than 3 times the legal limit, had the presence of mind or motor coordination necessary to call anyone.

    If Van had been coming to the aid of his friend, why did it take him more than 3 days to let anyone know that. And spare me the speculation that he is somehow a humble man, we know that’s a lie.

    The day the police report is turned in to the DA is the day Van suddenly announces that he saw Andy a couple hours earlier and rushed to his aid as soon as he got a call.

    Quach could not remember if he hit another car when he first talked to the media hours after the accident. Why would you think he knew to call Van Tran?

    Sorry Milo. Maybe it’s wild speculation, maybe it’s wishfull thinking, or maybe the story he’s telling simply doesn’t add up.

    In the end, the details of what actually happened will become clear.

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