Ideology Trumps Good Policy, Again.

From our Faith-based Government file we have news that negotiations between the Orange County Health Care Agency and Planned Parenthood have broken down related to a request for funding of a Breast Cancer Health care program.

Not surprising when you consider the faith-based policy decision the Board of Supervisors made a few months ago in an effort to specifically exclude Planned Parenthood from community clinic funding.


Jennifer Muir has this report over on Total Buzz.

County, Planned Parenthood negotiations crumble

The county’s health department gerrymandered applications for county health grants to exclude Planned Parenthood and erected unfair barriers that made the county’s grant offer too costly for the non-profit to accept.

That’s according to a scathing letter Planned Parenthood sent to the Health Care Agency today, signaling that months of tenuous negotiations have crumbled over whether Planned Parenthood’s proposal to open a breast health clinic could qualify for the grant.

“You will be held accountable for your reckless and irresponsible actions,” wrote Jon Dunn, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Orange and Riverside Counties.

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This message came in last night from Planned Parenthood regarding the matter.

After months of good faith negotiations, the Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) has arbitrarily refused to fully fund the expansion of our much-needed Breast Health Program.
 The Board of Supervisors made it impossible for us to provide care to uninsured women with breast cancer. The board has a track record of denying funding to Planned Parenthood because of ideological differences and it is a shame they are continuing down that path. 
The suggested program would have provided increased access to diagnostic testing and follow-up care for women with a detected breast abnormality who are at high-risk for breast cancer. Despite the lack of support from the county, we will continue to operate our current Beast Health Program that provides clinical breast exams, breast health and cancer prevention education and outreach, and treatment referrals to women under 40 in Orange County. (Learn more about the situation here.)
The Board has made their decision, but that doesn’t mean they will stop hearing from us. Let your Supervisor know that you disapprove of their decision to not fully fund Planned Parenthood’s Breast Health Program. Each supervisor needs to hear just how many of their constituents disapprove of their actions.
Support Planned Parenthood's Breast Health Care Program