FactCheck.org publishes a definitive account that authenticates Obama’s birth certificate

This should be required reading for Rep. John Campbell (R-as far as I know, he’s a citizen) who has still yet to release his own birth certificate to prove he’s a US citizen.

A copy of Barack Obama's birth cerfiicate circuated in response to right wing "birthers" challenging his citizenship.

FactCheck.org is a non-partisan research site that aims to get at the truth.  It’s the same site that Dick Cheney referenced in his 2004 VP debate with John Edwards, though Cheney mistakningly called it “FactCheck.com” whick I caught immediately and prayed the VP was sending millions of Americans to a porn site (George Soros quickly acquired the domain).

Now if FactCheck.org is good enough for Dick Cheney to reference, will it be good enough for Birthers?

Not only does FactCheck.org painfully document the authenticity of the document; they’ve taken photos and have pictures of the raised seal.

Sources for this piece are below:

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As I posted in a comment, let’s fantasize for a moment that Obama was born in Kenya.  That means the birthers, which presumably includes Congressman Campbell, place more trust in the authenticity of the Kenyan authorities than they do in a US state’s authorities.  And if Obama is a native born Kenyan and would have to leave office, that means we get President Biden, not President McCain. 

Careful what you ask for Birthers.

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