"Jack-Booted State Employee Unions…."

Conservative Republican pollster Adam Probolsky has a column in today’s Flash Report that scores a 9.9 of a 10.0 on the old “Wheel of Morality” that was once a feature on the Warner Bros cartoon “Animanics.” Adam spun the wheel and it stopped on “bankrupt” so yes, he’s morally bankrupt here.

When arguing politics, the first one to call the other side “Nazis” loses.  And while Adam didn’t call state employees Nazis, he might as well have.  Adam did write:

“No one ever mentions all the radical fringes that have significant sway in Sacramento. I don’t just mean the jackbooted thug state employee unions or even the teacher’s association that claims to represent underpaid educators, but somehow found $1 million of member dues to try and legalize gay marriage.”

Notice, Adam has no complaints about the Mormon Church dumping millions in the California election to pass Prop 8. And Matt Cunningham also wrote about why it was wrong to boycott a popular restaurant because one of their employees gave to the “Yes on 8” campaign.  And the political pressure by a right wing organization to force business contributions for a Yes on 8 campaign was also perfectly alright.

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Adam’s post is about PETA, the people for the ethical treatment of animals, offering to pay to keep a beach in San Mateo county open, but the contribution had some strings attached.  Adam’s post goes on the question the effectiveness of PETA’s actions compared with their fundraising prowess. 

But he clearly misses the bigger picture.

A private organization is offering to pay to keep a state park open, freeing up taxpayer dollars to use that money for other things.  If PETA made the right offer to Angels owner Arte Moreno, then the Halos might be playing in PETA Park.  It’s called naming rights — something cheered in the private sector.  But in this case, California taxpayers benefit in two ways — by not paying for the maintenance and upkeep at the Park and bu having another organization keep that resource open and accessible to Californians. Why aren’t we encouraging more investment in state resources from other private organizations?

To call state employee unions “jack booted thugs” is irresponsible.  If Adam wants to see thugs, look no further than the minority party in both houses of the California legislature who use thuggery to thwart the will of the majority of Californians.  We’ll get a more poorly educated workforce, making California companies less competitive; badly maintained roads (more flat tires for that Hummer or Maserati), and less help from police and fire the next time wildfires threaten our homes, schools and businesses.  The thugs should own this Republican budget because that’s what it is.

There’s always the mirror.  Here’s a guy who had his CCW permit revoked and then made a statement he’d ignored the order from the sheriff.  I bet Adam has a big gun.  It helps to compensate for shortcomings in other areas, not for protection.

I’m pro-union.  My Dad and Mom got middle class pay and benefits negotiated by a Union.  There is value to what Unions do to represent employees. 

Adam’s use of “jack-booted thugs” is a suprisingly poor choice of words for someone who is a leader in a Jewish/Republican organization and for someone who writes a column for my local weekly newspaper.  It’s remarkably unfair and shows no class.

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