OC Supes Approve 3yr Contract with County Workers

This morning, in a 4-0 vote, the Orange County Board of Supervisors approved a three year agreement with employees represented by the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA). Supervisor Norby got married yesterday and was absent for the vote. The contract provides for no salary increase during the three year agreement while allowing for discussion to be reopened for year’s 2 and 3 regarding wage and merit pay increases.

The contract has no changes in existing holiday pay or vacation pay; no change to medical benefits; and no changes to the existing tuition reimbursement program. The major change in the contract is the addition of an additional (optional) retirement program formula for new and existing employees. The optional plan allows for a new or existing member to choose a hybrid 1.62% @ 65 defined benefit plan that includes a defined contribution plan with a county match of up to 2% of an employees annual compensation.  Legislation needed to implement the option for existing employees is currently moving through the legislature. The new optional plan is expected to save the county millions of dollars over the long-term.

This agreement demonstrates that both the County and its workers are able to come together to work out positive solutions that recognize the current economic climate, while protecting the fundamental structure of pay and benefits necessary to retain the high quality of the county workforce.