1 comment for “Wiley Drake the Worst Person in the World

  1. Othello
    July 22, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    Commenting a little late to this story, I would like to ask why no one in the media [I did ask the OC Register] has explored the question of Wiley Drake’s finances, which are relevant to his contempt for the federal government. If I am not mistaken, he receives tens of thousands of dollars per year to conduct his hate campaigns, from “faith-based initiative programs”, that is, from the “Federal Government”. In other words, he is a “poverty pimp”. Supposedly he provides “the homeless” with programs and services for which he rakes in $250-$300 per night, per person (and more if the books are doctored). I think this questions speaks to a gross hypocrisy, in addition to his mental illnesses.

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