Courage Campaign’s Ad Slams Governator

EDITOR’S NOTE: Courage Campaign has just released this ad and call to action against Schwarzenegger’s budget demands. The ad was created by Orange County’s dMedia. The following text is taken directly from the Courage Campaign’s call to action.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to let our state go up in smoke. But you can stop him.

I’ve never seen things this bad. Millions of ordinary Californians are on the brink of losing health insurance for their children, care for their sick, elderly or disabled parents, experiencing deep cuts to school funding and struggling to put food on their tables.

The one person who should be providing the most leadership to guide the state out of this unprecedented fiscal crisis seems to be the person least concerned.

Governor Schwarzenegger has shown both a lack of genuine, responsible leadership and of empathy to the effects of the fiscal crisis on ordinary working families. He recently boasted to a New York Times reporter that he was “perfectly fine” and that he could still go home and “sit down in my Jacuzzi” and “lay back with a stogie.”

With budget negotiations heating up today, we need to let the Governor know that while he may be fine, millions of Californians are not. Watch the Courage Campaign’s new online video and then call the Governor at (916) 445-2841. And report the results of your call:

Even worse — in a feeble attempt to distract the public from his leadership failures, the Governor is using charges of “fraud, waste, and abuse” as a cover for attacks on poor people, working families, and the vital public services that they use.

Gov. Schwarzenegger’s so-called “reform” proposals — like fingerprinting in-home care service providers — are punitive and have little to do with the budget. All while California loses millions and lives are jeopardized with each passing day without a budget.

We can’t let these attacks on working people go unanswered. We can’t let ordinary Californians drown in the fiscal crisis while the Governor sits in his jacuzzi and smokes a stogie.

That’s why — with budget negotiations reaching a critical point today — I’m asking you to take action right now. Call Governor Schwarzenegger at (916) 445-2841 right now and let him know that you oppose balancing budgets on the back of the poor:

Thank you for joining me and the Courage Campaign in making your voice heard today.

Marqueece Harris-Dawson
Community Coalition of South LA