Van Tran forms Campaign Committee for Senate in 2012

Van TranIn the 9 years I have known Van Tran, I have learned to expect the unexpected. I had thought that he had dropped his plan to run for Harman’s 35th district seat in 2012 when he filed to challenge Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  So much for assumptions.

This was posted this morning on the Little Saigon Inside blog this morning.

Apparently State Assemblyman Van Tran is planning to run for State Senate in 2012. This is a recently filing of Form 410 by Tran and and David Bauer (his treasurer) on 7/7/09.

Tran is a very calculated politician so it is not suprising that he is covering all of the bases just in case. Rumor since last Friday that Tran already raised $250,000 for his war chest against Sanchez and Pham.

So I guess Van is hedging his bets. I know I would if I were going to try a run at Loretta.

Like the rest of us, I think he must be expecting to lose.

  3 comments for “Van Tran forms Campaign Committee for Senate in 2012

  1. OC Democrat
    July 14, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    Chris, get your story right! I know you rather want to spend summer vacation listening to beach boy’s songs, the shark/danger is near us.

    Read my lips, Mr. Tran is a formidable candidate to beat Our Congress Woman Loretta. It’s written on the wall.

    For example,even Loretta can not raise 250K in short six weeks during this poor economy.

  2. No Worries
    July 15, 2009 at 10:33 am

    No, Chris is right. Van is running to lose. I’m sure he just raised $250,000 for a race he didn’t intend on winning. Don’t worry about Obama’s sinking poll numbers either. Everything is fine. Everything is fine.

    In reality, I think it is Loretta who is hedging her bet. She told the NY Times last month that the chances of her running for Governor were around 20%. I don’t think she is ready for a real challenger like Van Tran.

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