LA Times: Bush Administration Domestic Spying Program Went Beyond Wiretaps

You had a feeling once the Democrats took control of the White House with large majorities in Congress that the secrets kept by the most secretive administration in history would come out.

The LA Times reports this morning that the Bush Administration’s domestic spying program against Americans went well beyond wiretaps.

From the story:  

“The report was compiled at the request of Congress by five government agency watchdogs: the inspectors general of the Justice Department, Pentagon, CIA, Directorate of National Intelligence and National Security Agency.

It represents the most detailed public disclosure of the existence of secret surveillance efforts beyond the warrantless wiretapping program, saying the overall package of efforts came to be known in the Bush administration as the “President’s Surveillance Program.”

However, the report did not describe the other programs or explain how they worked.

“All of these activities were authorized in a single presidential authorization,” the report said, referring to the warrantless wiretapping as a “terrorist surveillance program” and the undisclosed efforts as “other intelligence activities.”

“The specific details of the other intelligence activities remain highly classified,” the report said.”

And there’s an OC connection.  John Yoo, a low level Justice Department lawyer, wrote memos legally supporting these measures.  Yoo was a guest faculty member at Chapman University earlier this year. 

I just want to know when will the current Justice Department start issuing indictments.