Schwarzenegger: I don’t need no stinkin legislature to balance budget!

As Jon Ortiz of the Sacramento Bee points out today, Arnold has decided that he can balance the sudget without the legislature. He can sit in his bubble bath, and keep adding furlough days and across the board paycuts until he gets his way. I guess that’s easier than this retired “has-been” body builder doing the heavy lifting of actually coming up with reasonable and responsible solutions.



From the Bee story: 

The State Worker: Schwarzenegger plans 20% pay cuts

State workers, brace yourselves for another furlough day.

The governor’s latest budget proposal assumes almost 20 percent in employee wage cuts: 15 percent from the three-day furloughs that started this month, plus another 5 percent across-the-board whack.

“Three days (furlough) plus the 5 percent,” said H.D. Palmer, Department of Finance spokesman when asked Wednesday to clarify the governor’s budget proposal.

The Legislature won’t go for the pay cut, but the governor can then add a furlough day for reasons we’ll explain.

State employee union leaders say Schwarzenegger is abusing his authority and stiffing state workers once again.

“It’s outrageous,” said Bruce Blanning, executive director of the state’s engineers’ union. “He’s trying to destroy public service by trying to destroy those who provide those services.”  Read the rest of:

The State Worker: Schwarzenegger plans 20% pay cuts

Great! Now the “actor” is pretending to be a king.

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  1. CJ
    July 10, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    Relaxing in his spa and smoking stoggies right now is not what the State of California needs, but I would suggest Governor Arnie consider taking Governor Palin’s lead and resign.
    Seems he can’t be bothered with the issues governance, leadership or just plain getting to the work of the people. Please resign to just stay home, soak and smoke. Californians would be better off.

    Most recently he has reverted to “Gov. Wilson 101”: Blame the undocumented taxpayers.


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