Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Shea/Choi on Great Park CEO Search

An interesting opinion by an appeals court judge, which basically says that two parties who settle a dispute one of those parties is entitled to reimbursement of legal fees.  Huh?  I think the decision should be appealed because it frankly discourages settlements and encourages more costly litigation through the courts.

From Sean Emery’s story in today’s paper:

The trial court last year found that the Great Park Corporation didn’t have to pay attorney’s fees, arguing that there was no “prevailing party” in the lawsuit. But the 4th District Court of Appeal overturned that decision, with Justice William Rylaarsdam arguing that “there was not a whit of evidence” that the Great Park Corporation “would have made the documents available if (the lawsuit) had not been filed.”

“I think it absolutely vindicates in the public the necessity and value of the litigation that Steven and Christina were required to file,” said Ben Pugh, who represented Shea and Choi. “It also rebukes the political mailers and the spin sent out after the trial court ruling that this was totally unnecessary, that it was a political battle.”

Frank Mickadeit is positive giddy about the decision.  His story isn’t yet online as of this writing but so Frank must have been in a state of advanced arousal (it’s a visual) when he wrote:

“It’s nice to see that a handful of journalists and Irvine insiders aren’t the only people in town who have the wherewithal to publicly call out Larry Agran, exposing his penchant for secrecy and control.  I feel our repeated warnings sound more like whining (it does Frank) and that they fall of deaf ears as Agran and his allies get re-elected year after year.”

Frank, you limit your chats to only Irvine “insiders” and not the people who keep re-electing the progressive majority year after year. 

I’m a tad surprised Frank reported that the first choice of the Park CEO was “a friend of Agran and that his brother had been an Agran staffer” when the candidate was someone Larry barely knew from a staffer who wored for Larry 20 years ago and that this candidate was very qualified.  A little reporting, perhaps…. at least you didn’t report Christina Shea’s oft-repeated claim that his candidate was “Agran’s best friend.”  Enjoy that 5 percent pay cut. 

And thanks for your column of how Shea and Choi’s cronies lost a lawsuit to the city last Fall at the height of the election cycle.

  4 comments for “Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Shea/Choi on Great Park CEO Search

  1. Ltpar
    July 2, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    Dan, could that be egg I see all over your face? I recognize it is difficult, even for you, to change black into white, when your buds, the Agranistas, get called out by the court. Since you failed to mention it, that was $80,000 of taxpayers money, down the drain, just so Larry could show Christina and Steven who the boss was? Oops, guess the boss stepped in the brown stuff on this one? While hindsight is a very thin line, I wonder if the results might have been different if Greg Smith and I had used a top notch attorney like Ben Pugh on our case? Guess we will never know that one, will we?

    Oh, by the way, regarding your quote, ” And thanks for your column of how Shea and Choi’s cronies lost a lawsuit to the city last Fall at the height of the election cycle.” If Frank Mickadeit would like to do a better late than never column on this topic, I will be more than happy to share the facts with him.

  2. Dan Chmielewski
    July 2, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    Gosh Pat, you’re right. No one is better at spending other people’smoney than Shea; after all, she got you to pony up dough for your lawsuit didn’t she?

    Call Frank yourself; you can’t afford my retainer.

  3. Ltpar
    July 3, 2009 at 11:01 am

    Dan, there you go again, your mouth starts running before putting your brain in gear. You really have this fetish for Christina Shea don’t you? When you are at a loss for words, it is Christina Shea this and Christina Shea that. I bet you even dream about her at night. Have you considered getting some professional help for this problem? As I previously stated, Christina had nothing to do with my getting involved in the law suit. No one to blame there except myself. I am a big boy and no one tells me what to do, unlike your Agranista buds on the City Council. Everyone in the City, except perhaps yourself, fully understands that Larry, the master puppeteer, has been pulling the strings of Beth and Sukhee for as long as they have been on the Council. Frankly speaking, if either of them had to think for themselves, they would be in big trouble. Whatever Larry wants, Larry gets. Power politics at it’s finest.

    I only mentioned Frank because you were whining about him not publishing a column you thought should have been written. Dan, as far as your retainer goes, you haven’t a clue as to what I can afford and what I can’t. Don’t know what you do in the real world, but I would be in pretty sad shape if I ever had to hire you for anything. Guess that about wraps up this little tit for tat session. See you the next time your buds screw up and I am sure it will be soon.

  4. Dan Chmielewski
    July 3, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    Pat — you should be a comedian; your post made me laugh. Dream of her at night?! Fetish? Get your head out of the gutter Pat.

    I detest political leaders who play the part of victim when they can’t find a way to compromise. She does that so well.

    I find your quote astonishing Pat — “Everyone in the city…fully understands that Larry, the master puppeteer, has been pulling the strings of Beth and Suhkee for as lonmg as they have been on the council.”

    Pat. I will say this as nicely as I possible can. You’re a complete moron.

    Anyone who knows Beth and Suhkee personally, as I do, knows they are strong and independent personalities. Because they happen to see things in the same political light, Larry is somehow the puppeteer.

    I’d say you’re hitting the sauce Pat with these fantasies. As to what you can afford, well, you’re more than $20K poorer because of your judgement. I can;t say a whole lot for your taste in political allies either.

    Have a marvelous 4th!

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