What Really Happened at the Busby Fundraiser?

Congressional candidate Francine Busby, who is challenging Congressman Brian Bilbray in CD-50 in Northern San Diego County, held a fundraiser these weekend in Cardiff and the event got out of hand and the police were called and an arrest was made.  I first caught wind of this on Flash Report and here’s what blogger Barry Jantz said about it:

Francine Busby 2.0: Loud Music, Resisting Arrest, Pepper Spray, and Battery on a Police Officer

Erstwhile and announced future candidate for Congress Francine Busby sure knows how to toss a party.  The supposedly “centrist ” Democrat and her followers don’t seem to respect authority too much either.  Last night’s event to raise funds for a challenge to Rep. Brian Bilbray would have only been more complete with a good old fashioned flag burning.”
But Barry left out the rest of the story….


He then posts a version of the police report.  I personally love the reference to flag burning.  But it looks like the police responded to a call from a neighbor who made some nasty comments from behind the bushes to disrupt the event.  Below, from stories in SignOnSanDiego.com:

The party was Friday night in the 1300 block of Rubenstein Avenue, the home of Shari Barman, a Busby supporter.

It ended with Barman, 60, being arrested and jailed on suspicion of battery on a peace officer, and resisting, delaying and obstructing a peace officer.

Pam Morgan, 62, a Rancho Santa Fe resident and one of the guests, also was arrested and taken to the Encinitas Sheriff’s Station, where she was cited for resisting, delaying and obstructing a peace officer.

During Busby’s speech, Barman said in a statement yesterday, a man on the property behind her house shouted “disparaging remarks” about Busby and gay people. Barman lives in the house with her partner, Jane Stratton, 55.

“It was a quiet home reception, disrupted by a vulgar person shouting obscenities from behind the bushes,” Busby said.

Did the police overreact here?  Nice of Barry to omit the homophobic rantings in his description of the event. Or shall we interpret this case as proof that Rep. Bilbray has homophobic supporters?  Would it be inappropriatre for a liberal neighbor to disrupt a Bilbray fundraiser in a similar manner? Of course it would.