News Roundup: 7-01-09

So in the news today we have a few items that you may want to know about.

Governor, lawmakers blow deadline as budget hole deepens: The legislature and governor could not agree to anything yesterday. So we have now lost $3.3 billion in savings that would have been available to meet the shortfall. The state begins issuing IOU’s for June’s bills today.

Public administrator accused of mismanagement … again: The Orange County Grand Jury yesterday slapped another report upside the head of Public Administrator/Public Guardian John Williams. This is their second since May. Williams says there is nothing wrong, and Supervisor Moorlach says the conflict needs more discussion.

Court Jester Mario Mainero

Court Jester Mario Mainero

Moorlach’s chief of staff resigns : Speaking of Moorlach, his Chief of Staff Mario “Mini-Me” Mainero announced he will be leaving at the end of the month. Seems the kitchen is too hot for his liking. He is returning to his favorite past-time, teaching law.

“We’re all heartbroken over it,” Moorlach said. “He’s been so fun to work with. I’ve never met anyone as intelligent and bright as Mario.” 

As the saying goes… Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.