Greenhut: Moorlach views Norby as demagogue

Steven Greenhut penned one of his more balanced columns on Sunday (Moorlach ‘grows’ in office), which he follows up on in a post on the Orange Punch blog today.

Sorry, but Moorlach views Norby as demagogue

Supervisor John Moorlach responded to my Sunday column in his email blast today (reprinted below), and it strikes me as a mostly reasonable rebuttal. Moorlach and his chief of staff, Mario Mainero, are good guys, but they don’t like criticism (who does?).  That office has become secretive and paternalistic as it has promoted some policies that strike many observers as bizarre (campaign finance commission, reducing gun rights, spending money on office remodeling, challenging the DA’s pursuit of the death penalty, etc.).

The one issue I take with the Moorlach rebuttal, however, is his insistence that he did not refer to Norby as a demagogue. When I asked about Moorlach’s reluctance to air disagreements in public with regard to the CCW issue, he told me that “Norby-style demagoguery is not the answer.”

I think it is worth the time to read the rest of Sorry, but Moorlach views Norby as demagogue.