Caught Doing Someting Right

Matt Cunningham

Matt Cunningham

It is generally understood in the political blogsphere that the liberal blogs will be supportive of liberal candidates, and likewise conservative blogs will be supportive of conservative candidates. So it is not really surprising that Matt Cunningham over at Red County supports incumbent Congressman John Campbell over his challenger Beth Krom.

Today, I caught Matt doing something right and I figured it appropriate to point it out. In a post regarding Campbell’s endorsement of Meg Whitman for Governor Matt mentioned the following at the end of his post in defense of Campbell.

By the way, now is as good a time as any to disclose that I have recently been retained as a consultant to Rep. John Campbell’s re-election campaign. I worked with John when he was first running for Assembly in 2000, and I’m proud to be a part of his effort for 2010.

Matt, thanks for having the integrity to point this fact out. While we rarely agree on political issues, it is honorable and respectable to disclose upfront what some would have called a conflict of interest.

At least we now won’t have to read the inevitable Art Pedroza rant on the Orange Juice Blog about his breaking the story that you are a political consultant who works for politicians out of context.