Imagine Hearing, “He’s Going To Die Anyway”

We received this request from Ron Shepston and are sharing it with you.

It wouldn’t matter how “reasonable” it might seem to be it would first be devastating to you and to your loved ones. If you lived in a grass hut in a third world country you might eventually resign yourself to someone else’s reality that you would die. Given the lack of resources at the personal, community and national levels you would probably just believe it and let it happen.

If you lived in all the first-world industrialized countries like England, France, Australia, Canada no one would say “he’s going to die anyway so why help”. Healthcare systems in the civilized world are considered a public commodity like water and highways. Citizens can count on being supplied every medical technique and medical technology available simply because they need it.

There is one exception to this in the western world – America. If you are rich or happen to work for a very good company then you would have access to health care at the same level as the rest of the counties I’ve already mentioned though the difference is that the bureaucracy of the American non-system is a daunting maze of paper-work, rules and non-medical clerks reading off charts to determine what you are qualified for.

In America if you are un-insured or under insured it takes dumb luck or heroic efforts to overcome he’s going to die anyway.

I’m bringing you one such effort – Gary and Candy Pease of Rowland Heights, CA. Gary is 75, retired independent newspaper distributor for the LA Times. He once had 75 carriers working for him. Spending time with Gary and Candy you can tell that they are still the love of each other’s lives. It’s such a joy to see them together and listen to their stories of when they met and of their children and grandchildren. They live a modest middle class life but a rich personal life with family and friends.

Gary was diagnosed with the colon cancer in 2007 and now they are in a fight for Gary’s life. But they are not alone. My friend, Dot who is a three time cancer survivor, was given 6 months to live 15 years ago. She asked me if I wanted to help Gary and Candy. He’s going to die anyway this was someone’s response to Dot when she asked for help.

Here is where you can help us fight for Gary and Candy. They have maxed out their credit cards and re-financed their already paid off house. They have No more money and Gary had his last chemo therapy in January of this year.

Through Dot’s efforts they had City of Hope to help with the chemo when Blue Shield wouldn’t. It still takes money. The plan now is to get a Reverse Mortgage on their house but they need to come up with $55,000 because of the existing loan. Please contribute $5, $10 or $55,000 or whatever you can find in your heart and pocket to give.


Ron Shepston

For additional information contact: Charles T. Schofield, Attorney at Law. Schofield Grossman & Linden, 201 South Lake Ave., Suite 702, Pasadena, CA 91101,  626-578-0708

To ensure legitimacy and that the money will be used for it intended purpose please make contributions to:

 Friends of Gary & Candy Pease Trust, Schofield Grossman & Linden, 201 South Lake Ave., Suite 702, Pasadena, CA 91101,  626-578-0708

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  1. Dot De Leon
    June 16, 2009 at 8:49 am

    Thank you for putting Gary and Candy story in the OC. Both are dear friends.

    Again thanks,

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