Santa Ana Bicycle Parking Zoning Update

bicycleparkingOn Monday, on a 7-0 vote the Santa Ana City Council approved a revision to local business zoning regulations that requires the addition of proportional bicycle parking when accomodations for vehicle parking are required.

There have been questions raised about whether the recently passed zoning code amendment requiring bicycle parking in new developments and some rehabilitative projects includes Downtown and the Artist Village areas.

The original proposal to the city did not include exemptions for any areas in the city.  City staff exempted the Downtown and Artist Village areas from being effected by this zoning code amendment. For retail and service commercial development, bicycle parking is calculated by taking five percent (5%) of the required automobile parking. 

Many Downtown businesses have waivers from the city because they are unable to provide the required automobile parking facilities as prescribed by the municipal code.  The staff report stated that the zoning code amendment is “intended as an incremental first step to promote bicycle support facilities” in Santa Ana.

At the May 11, 2009 Planning Commission meeting, city staff indicated that some bicycle racks are being installed or are going to be installed in locations within the Downtown area.

Congratulations to the City staff, Planning Commissioners, Phil Bacerra and the City Council for their vision and leadership in moving Santa Ana to a greener and healthier community.