The Obama Date Night Debate

obamaandmichelle.jpgThis letter in this morning’s OC Register sums up some of the Right Wing bloviation in the blogsphere about President Obama’s recent trip to New York City to have dinner and catch a Broadway play.

 A jet-set ‘date night’

Good leaders lead by example [“Obamas fly to see play in New York,” News, May 31]. President and Mrs. Obama jetting off to New York at taxpayer expense for “date night” while the rest of the nation is suffering through a near-depression is the height of arrogance.

Clearly he is much more in touch with the rock-star trappings of the office than with the people he was elected to serve.

Jerome K. Miller

Lake Forest

Funny how there was no problem for George W. Bush, who took more vacation time than any president in history, flying off to Crawford, Texas to clear brush.  How many trips?  How much taxpayer funds?  How much did Dick Cheney’s quail hunting trips cost us? 

Why is this only a problem when Democrats occupy the White House?

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  1. David
    June 20, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    B.O. is a disaster. He is a fascist, with a Hitler spirit, and he is intent on dismantling the U.S.economy. He is the finisher of what the democrat socialists started in the 1930’s. B.O. and Soros and other elitists are preparing a disaster for America that will require a dictatorship to solve the dire situation. There will be chaos. Just watch and you will see. It’s happening before our very eyes but the deceived are clueless. Look at how the democrats created our current economic mess. A little knowledge will show an open, curious mind the mess that the New Deal and Great Society created. Than the Dems created Fannie and Freddie for their own greedy profit. Just look at the mess Carter gave us; now we can truly see how detrimental CRA is and then Clinton expanded the CRA. The enemies of America found a home in the Democrat Party. IMPEACH OBAMA!!!!

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