Will Santa Ana Council Zone For Bike Parking?

bicycleparkingUPDATE: The Santa Ana City Council approved the zoning amendment on a 7-0 vote.

This Monday, the Santa Ana City Council will vote on amending the city’s zoning code to require the inclusion of bicycle parking in new developments in a similar manner to how automobile parking is required.

The Santa Ana Planning Commission voted 6-0 in May to recommend to the City Council to adopt the proposed zoning code amendment. The genesis of this proposed change is credited to local democratic activist Phil Bacerra and is in line with desire of Santa Ana leaders to go green without creating a burden on businesses or developers..

This zoning code amendment would help residents from all segments of the city, as it would make Santa Ana much more bicycle-friendly.  It costs more to purchase a business license in Santa Ana than it would cost to provide the proposed bicycle parking.  This amendment is also supported by the OC Chapter of the Sierra Club.