State Rep Chuck DeVore on the Prop 8 Ruling

I’m pretty sure I saw State Rep. Chuck DeVore and his wife at the Red Robin at the Irvine Spectrum having a late lunch Monday afternoon; I didn’t notice them until my waitress came back with my check and since he just starting eating, I passed on wishing them a Happy Memorial Day.

Here’s Chuck’s statement on yesterday’s Prop 8 ruling; I’ve bolding an interesting phrase for you to ponder:

Today’s decision by the California Supreme Court is a discredit to to that Court, and a disservice to the law and people it serves. Though the Court rightly upheld the validity of Proposition 8, it also laid the groundwork for further challenges to the integrity of traditional marriage in our state.

The argument that Proposition 8 is a constitutional revision was always spurious, and not even this sympathetic Court could endorse it. Therefore, the Court has provided the anti-traditional-marriage movement with a far better legal basis for its aspirations, by affirming the legitimacy of preexisting same-sex unions. Having created a strange yet court-legitimized class of couples, what the Court has truly done is laid the foundation for the eventual overthrow of traditional marriage in our state on grounds of equal protection.

No defender of traditional marriage in our state should celebrate this ruling. Though we are relieved at the upholding of Proposition 8, we must be absolutely clear: this Court’s decision means a far more tortuous route ahead. It will be up to the people of California to correct the errors of the judicial elite, and defend what marriage is, and has always been.”

While I invite our readers to comment on this, the best thing you could do to respond to Chuck’s “affirming the legitimacy” comment is to make a contribute to re-elect Barbara Boxer to the US Senate.  I have already contributed $500 to her campaign and think I need to break out the checkbook again to counter this statement from my neighbor in Irvine.  Just click here.

What Chuck’s statement says about him is out of step he is with his own Irvine neighbors.  Irvine, besides voting overwhelmingly for Barack Obama and returning a progressive council majority to the city council, also was a clear “No on Prop 8” vote.