PROP 8: Open Letter to Repeal Marriage Ban

A community letter supporting a November 2010 ballot initiative to repeal Prop 8 – several OC organizations are signers.

Fellow Activists and Supporters –

The California Supreme Court has upheld Proposition 8, which took away the right to marry from gay and lesbian couples.  Now, we must join together to restore marriage equality in California at the earliest possible time, with a new ballot initiative to repeal Prop 8.

We firmly believe that the right time for this ballot initiative is November 2010.  Here’s why:

It’s wrong to wait for civil rights.  Getting marriage back is urgent.  The passage of Proposition 8 went far beyond the issue of marriage alone and made all LGBT Californians second class citizens.  Second class citizenship is the shield behind which discrimination in all its forms tears at our community.  Any delay is especially harmful to gay and lesbian couples who seek to marry, and to LGBT youth struggling to come out in an often hostile world.

We need to seize the momentum.  The passage of Prop 8 energized millions of Californians to fight for equality and sent tens of thousands into the streets.  In the months since, a tide has swept the nation from Maine to Iowa.  An affirmative campaign in California at the next general election in November 2010 will seize that momentum.

We can and will win.  We would have defeated Prop 8 had we changed just 300,000 more votes.  In the next year and half – and with a better, more broad-based grassroots campaign – we will change that many hearts and minds, and more.  Remember, if Obama had listened to the polls and the pundits two years ago, he would never have bothered running for president.  Let’s say, “Yes we can,” not “No we can’t.”

It’s the right election.  With hard work, 2010 is winnable.  Polling conducted since Prop 8 passed, and after the intense dialogue that followed in communities throughout California, demonstrates that the state is now evenly split on marriage equality.  Neither side has a majority, and there is an undecided persuadable middle that can provide the margin for victory.  Also, in November 2010, we are assured of unified messaging in support of marriage equality among statewide Democratic candidates.  That is one of the principal reasons the California Democratic Party recently passed a resolution unanimously supporting the repeal of Prop 8 with a new ballot initiative and saying that 2010 is the best time for it. 

With the Supreme Court ruling to uphold Prop 8, our community, our allies and the public generally are looking to us to answer one question:  How, and when, will we restore equal marriage rights in California? 

The answer to this question is clear and unequivocal:  We will not wait.  We will repeal Prop 8 with a new ballot initiative in November 2010. 

Please join us in calling now for the repeal of Prop 8 in November 2010 by signing this letter. 


– Robert Moore, Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons (San Francisco)

– Josh Einsohn, AllorNotAtAll (Los Angeles)

– Gary North, President, BiNet USA (Washington, D.C.)

– Jim Rogers, ECCO (Orange County)

– David Comfort, Equality Network (Los Angeles)

– T Santora, Communication Workers of America Local 9000 (Los Angeles)

– John Santoianni, Harvey milk Stonewall Democrats – OC (Orange County)

– Ragina Johnson, International Socialist Organization (San Francisco)

– Eddie Martinez, Latino Equality Alliance (Los Angeles)

– Ron Lachman & RJ Molligan, Lesbian & Gay Lawyers Association of Los Angeles

– David McCoy, Love = Love (Los Angeles)

– John Henning & Tom Watson, Love Honor Cherish (Los Angeles)

– Robin McGehee, Meet in the Middle for Equality (Fresno)

– Kip Williams, One Struggle, One Fight (Los Angeles)

– Mario L. Trujillo, Mexican American Bar Association (Los Angeles)

– T Santora, National Pride at Work (Los Angeles)
– Karen Thompson, Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) – San Diego

Scott Houston, South Bay LGBT Center (Torrance)

Reverend Gary Commins, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (Long Beach)

– John M. Cleary, Stonewall Democratic Club (Los Angeles)

– Andrew Davey, Team Courage Orange County (Santa Ana)

– Stephanie Gonzales, Totally Inclusive & Diverse Episcopalians (Long Beach)

– Frank Voci, White Knot for Equality (Los Angeles)

– Chaz Lowe, Yes! On Equality (Sacramento)