Prop 8 Decision: HRC Weighs In


Sandra Hartness of HRC has sent The Liberal OC this moving video and the following statement.

Today’s Supreme Court decision hurts deeply, but we finally know the path to restore marriage equality here in California will be at the ballot box. We at HRC will never, ever back down.

HRC is so proud to partner with California Faith for Equality to strengthen and expand religious support for same sex marriage. We will lend significant on-the-ground and financial support to CFE through our Religion and Faith Program and our field department. With CFE, we will build a sustained, locally-driven public education campaign led by California clergy of all faiths and cultures and supported by their congregants.

Working with CFE, we will create culturally-sensitive as well as denomination-specific material to help religious leaders and people of faith talk about why supporting marriage equality is consistent with their tenets of faith. This includes identifying and building coalitions and ties with religious communities of color.

We will never, ever back down until we reach full equality.

Sandra Hartness

HRC Board of Directors