I’m Voting Yes on the Propositions

propvote_web225T’was the night before Election and all through the state;
Propositions all failing; that seems to be our fate.
Budget cuts have been flung, to give us a scare.
In the hopes that new revenues would forestall our despair.

Republicans call for less spending, which is nothing new;
While hoping for bankruptcy to ensure our government is doomed.
Democrats want more revenue, without any control;
Saying no to spending caps and no bump in sales tax at all.

So what should we do facing predictions of gloom?

Vote YES on these propositions, even though they’re not enough.
Because the remaining budget cuts will be more than tough;
The legislature punted the decision, so it’s all up to us.
Closing the gap by 8 billion seems worth all the fuss.

Vote YES on the propositions, even though they are flawed.
And the next time you vote for members of the Assembly and Senate;
Remember the price of minority rule.

Any way we look at it public services are screwed.
I’m holding my nose while I vote too.