Have it your way


Under the “how low can you go” category, Fox host (don’t call it Fox News, Faux News maybe) Sean Hannity criticizes President Obama for asking for a spicy mustard or Dijon mustard for his cheddar burger run with Vice President Joe Biden last week.  Is this what’s it ‘s come to? The president is an elitist for wanting a spicy mustard on his burger which is all of 30 to 50 cents more than standard yellow mustard? Guess I should dump that Gulden’s deli mustard out along with my Grey Poupon.  The jar of hot mustard from Phillipe’s French Dip in LA will have to go too.

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  1. Lefty
    May 11, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    I think it’s GREAT the President stopped into a local spot & ordered some food. Criticizing his mustard preference shows what petty JERKS they are. Never mind um’ – way to go, MR President!

    Biased, un-objective, close-minded partisans like Fox “News” … & … CBS ,NBC, ABC, CNN too, etc – have helped to RUIN the USA.

    Thanks fellers …

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