News Roundup for May 7

An increasingly small tent: Rush Limbaugh says, “What Colin Powell needs to do is close the loop and become a Democrat.”

Next up: New Jersey: “Gay rights advocates in New Jersey… believe the state is poised to pass [a marriage equality] law this year.”

Vacation in Libertarian Somalia: “Government-free since 1991…Where the police, roads, and navy are maintained by rational self-interest and Libertarian magic dust.”

County official says he may not veto tax repeal: “Why do an exercise in fertility?” official asks. Apparently Chicago uses an alternate system of spelling, or perhaps an entirely different alphabet.

GOP circular firing squad: “Villines, a lifelong fiscal conservative, argued that if he had not agreed to temporary tax hikes, majority-party Democrats would have sought a budget with permanent tax increases. But those assurances did not soothe GOP activists.”