First Street, Now Williams. Moorlach Gets It Wrong Again.

“Out of control personnel practices have created an organization top heavy in management and riddled with unhappy workers required to do much more work than what is considered typical,” the report concluded.

“The need for change is evident.”

That quote is from a Grand Jury Report released yesterday about the County Public Guardian / Public Administrator Department. Norberto Santana has the story over at the Register.

moorlachfingerPublic Administrator John Williams and then-Treasurer/Tax Collector John Moorlach promised county supervisors in 2005 they could save $300,000 over three years by combining the offices of public administrator and public guardian.

Yet Orange County’s grand jury says they didn’t even come close.

A scathing county grand jury report released Wednesday takes aim at Williams for doubling salary costs at the agency and engaging in questionable personnel practices.

“The annual base salary of management has increased over 96 percent since 2005,” read the grand jury report.

“They have failed to deliver on their promise to save Orange County taxpayers’ money.”

So Moorlach tells us that Street is the right man for the Treasurer-Tax Collector job. He tells us that John Willimas, and the combination of the Public Administrator and Public Guardian offices will save us money. He tells us that suing to overturn the way pensions are calculated for Sheriff’s Deputies will save us hundreds of millions of dollars. Let’s see. Street was a questionsble choice at best (although an ace at redecorating). The pensions lawsuit was thrown out and has surpassed 1.7 million in legal fees so far. And now the merger of the Public Administrator and Public Guardian offices appear to have cost more money rather than save money.

Poor Emperor Moorlach. Will he ever get things right?

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