News Roundup May 6

I can has cheezburger: Obama and Biden go for a burger run.

Ideological purity in Pennsylvania: “With speculation ramping up that former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge may decide within the next few weeks to enter the primary for the GOP Senate nomination — and the right to take on party-switching Arlen Specter — you can expect conservative supporters of former Rep. Pat Toomey will begin working to frame the debate as conservative Toomey vs. liberal Ridge.”

Olympia Snowe on the Specter defection: “We cannot prevail as a party without conservatives. But it is equally certain we cannot prevail in the future without moderates.”

Arnold goes to pot: “Schwarzenegger said Tuesday it’s time for California to study whether to legalize and tax marijuana for recreational use”

Aw, shucks: “Corn ethanol is expected to result in more global warming pollution per gallon than regular gasoline for the next 33 years.”