OC Board Votes on Health Education Funding for Planned Parenthood

Today the Orange County Board of Supervisors discussed their prior decision to suspend the contract to Orange County Coalition of Community Clinics, as it related to their subcontract with Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties. Incorporated into the recommendation from Health Care Agency is a policy to prohibit the use of Tobacco Settlement Revenues (TSR) allocated to community clinics for Health Education, specifically funding for any organization that provides referrals for, or advocacy of abortion services.

Public comment ran decidedly in favor of the portion of the proposal to rescind the suspension of the contract for funding of health education services. The Board approved that recommendation, with Supervisor Campbell voting against.

On the matter of the recommendations regarding health education, speakers were rather pointed. Darrell Nolta in particular stated “The Taliban is alive and well in Orange County and some Board Members are like the Taliban.” Nolta further stated that the Board was not acting in the interests of good public policy but rather religious nuttery.

Supervisor Nguyen suggested that the Health Care Agency discuss with the Board to further define health education services as to not completely eliminate support for health education.

The Board decided unanimously to approve all of the Health Care Agency recommendations.

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  1. TH LBZ
    April 30, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    Nice little bit about janet Nguyen trying to save health education. You guys have got t[ be kidding me. Thats a pathetic attempt to shield yoursleves from the embarrassment of being dyed in the wool janet Nguyen supporters.

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