NY Times: Industry Group Ignores Its Own Scientists Findings on Climate Change

If you count on the Register for climate change coverage, go to the news pages where they actually do a nice job.  But go to the Orange Punch blog, and you’ll get anything but unbiased coverage.  Climate change and global warming are not a man made problem which is the mantra over there, even if it isn’t among the world’s most prominent scientists.

Then there’s this story in an edition of the NY Times last week that shows how an industry group made up of fossil fuel organizations actually ignored the recommendation and findings of their own scientists in regards to climate change.

From the story:

In 1995, the Global Climate Coalition, an industry-financed group challenging efforts to negotiate a new climate treaty or legislation, sought advice on the latest climate science from its committee of advisers on science and technology. The resulting internal document, “Predicting Future Climate Change: A Primer,” challenged recent research hinting that human-caused global warming was already measurable. But it rejected a variety of what it called “contrarian” arguments against the basic concept that accumulating heat-trapping emissions would substantially warm the planet. The coalition, according to other documents, later requested that the section of the primer endorsing the basics of global warming science be cut.

But read this story for more details on the whitewash that the Register’s editorial guys are buying into.