Carona Sentencing set for Monday

Disgraced, resigned, and convicted felon ex-sheriff Mike Carona (the only former sheriff of Orange County without a portrait at the Sheriff’s Office) will learn his fate Monday when he is sentenced on his felony conviction of witness tampering.  The Orange County Register reports this morning that Carona and others like Mike Schroeder, ex-undersheriff Jo Ann Galisky, and Florida businessman Hank Asher have written to ask for leniency.  And to try and tug on heartstrings, Carona’s 18 year old son and the wife he cheated on have also asked the judge for a pass.

There was no report of a letter from Jon Fleischman of the FlashReport whose mancrush for the disgraced and convicted felon knew no bounds.  No report of a letter from Adam Probolsky who has a concealed weapons permit due to his status as a former professional services liasion with the Sheriff’s Department (which, lt’s behonest here, the Carona regime was tightly tied to the County’s Republican Party machine).  Now that Probolsky has a column in the Irvine World News, perhaps he and Fleischman can finally come clean with their diguest at Carona’s behavior.  But don’t count on it.  In fact, I expect nothing but crickets on this from Jon and Adam.  Crickets.

Carona has shown no remorse for his crime(s) and abuse of office deserves none.

The recommendation fromthe probation officer is six years in jail while prosecutors want 9 years, but what kind of confinement? Will Carona get some mid-security prison or some sort of Camp Cupcake?   Carona could get probation to 20 years in the slammer.  His lawyers are arguing for 15-21 months behind bars if the judge doesn’t agree with home confinement. 

The last line in Carona’s letter kills me:  “…I would therefore ask you to consider imposing a sentence which recognizes that I have already paid an enormous price for my mistakes and allow me to be with my family as I rebuild my life and to pursue my passion for service to the community.”

Or is it to pursue his passion for Debbie Hoffman? 

Given the “Little Sheriff’s” known private activities, I think it should be a facility that puts Mike on the receiving end of the screwing he’s given the county taxpayers during his final few years in office. 

What do you think?

How much time should Mike get in the slammer?

  2 comments for “Carona Sentencing set for Monday

  1. Fred Cidadao
    April 27, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Since he is as corrupt as they come and has no problems running around with other convicted felons with major connections to the mafia I think he deserves 6 months in the general population in a local jail.

  2. Sherrie Pellegrino
    April 28, 2009 at 3:37 am

    He is no different than any other individual who has committed a crime. You do the crime you do the time especially since he was such a public figure and we the “people” trusted him.

    The judge should be harsh when sentencing and set an example for others who might retain office one day. Stop things before they get started.

    The sheriff was doing his job when he helped the people who wrote their letters.

    It was not his job to steal, cheap lie and be dishonest.

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