News Roundup for April 20

jewsslaveryThe party of know-nothing: “Limbaugh recently told the CPAC audience that the right should ‘stop assuming that the way to beat [the left] is with better policy ideas,’ pointing to the Republican contingent that isn’t especially concerned with ‘substantive answers.’ ”

You ain’t conservative enough for us:  Rep. Gresham Barrett of South Carolina “was booed relentlessly for the entire duration of his speech” to Tea Party protesters.  According to rankings by National Journal, Barrett is the fourth most conservative member of Congress.

Liberal protests bad, conservative protests good: “A Media Matters review of Fox News’ coverage of demonstrations prior to the April 15 tea parties found that the network did not offer similarly promotional coverage of anti-war protests or other demonstrations in support of progressive positions.” The Liberal OC is shocked. Shocked, we tell you.

The last sane Republican strategist in America: “John McCain’s campaign manager Steve Schmidt painted a dire portrait of the state of the Republican Party, arguing that the GOP has largely been co-opted by its religious elements.”

Republican John Ensign’s Presidential ambitions: “Ensign thinks that he can sow the seeds for a potential White House bid by throwing big words at President Obama and by speaking to the few remaining faithful in Iowa.”