News Roundup for Tuesday, April 7

Cue the tiny violins: “Citigroup Inc.’s new board chairman, Richard Parsons, said financial institutions are being targeted for creating the nation’s financial crisis, but they aren’t the only ones responsible.”

Rick Warren bears false witness to Larry King: The Gay-Bashing Driven Life.”Will Rick Warren ever be held accountable for trying to rewrite his bigoted history?”

Minnesota still has only one Senator: The 111th Congress was sworn in on January 6, with the exception of a few stragglers such as Roland Burris. Now, 91 days later, sore loser Norm Coleman is still depriving his state of full representation in the Senate. How much longer will it drag on?

And yet the sun came up this morning: Obama remarks that “we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”

It’s 2009, do you know if your child is voting? “[Voter] turnout among 18-29 year-olds is up by about two percentage points from 2004, which in turn was up by about eight points from 2000.  Turnout rates for all other age groups were down slightly compared to 2004.”

The greying of the CDP: Chris Finnie, dark horse candidate for Chair of the California Democratic Party, wonders whether 77-year-old John Burton is really a shoo-in for the job.

  3 comments for “News Roundup for Tuesday, April 7

  1. Northcountystorm
    April 7, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    While I really like the quality of the News Roundup and check it out daily, I thought the photoshopping of Rick Warren on a picture of Jesus was over the top. And not because I thought much of Warren’s almost Soviet-style revisionism. Had Warren’s picture been photoshopped on a picture of the Prophet Mohammed, the resulting uproar would probably mean the Editorial Staff would qualify for CCW permits even under the narrow, restrictive policy of our new sheriff.

  2. Paul
    April 7, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    You forget that the actual image of Muhamed would be the main thrust of the outrage. Islamic Law forbids the depiction of Muhamed in any form.

    In fact the depiction of anyliving creature is against Sheria (spelling) Law. The branch of Islam that is closely associated with extremist sectors of the Muslim world.

    Forgive my loose retelling ofthe passage from memory but the Prohet Muhamed once said of an image of livestock: Now give it life.
    Meaning that the one who drew the picture of the living animal challeged the power of God by attempting to depict the image of a living creature without having the ability to breathe life into it.

    That being said, as a Catholic, the photoshop of Rick Warrens face onto an image of Jesus done in the obvious Catholic style of Jesus’ image, I am also offended by this image and urge the Editor of Liberal OC to remove it.

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