News Roundup for Friday, April 3

Politics as blood sport: Kevin Drum, talking about a smear campaign being waged against a low-level Obama appointee, notes that the “increasingly dismal Senate kabuki show… makes it harder and harder to fill high-level administration positions. It’s one thing to go through this kind of harangue to become Secretary of State, but it’s quite another to go through it to become merely a high-level aide, and as this stuff gets more and more rabid, fewer and fewer people are willing to put up with it.”

Why the bailout was a bad idea: A GW law professor who you probably never heard of listed 5 reasons — on October 20, 2008.

College President edits prayer to suit his own beliefs: “Don [Wagner] got this Hopi prayer to sound ‘similar’ to Judeo-Christian prayers by, um, really changing it. Doncha think?”

Mike Huckabee, meet Tan Nguygen: Great new voter suppression idea! Let the air out of tires of your opponents’ supporters. Why didn’t Tan Nguyen think of this?

You know the economy is in trouble when all the stand up comedians have taken jobs as pollsters: Fox News does a poll asking questions like “Do you think Barack Obama uses a teleprompter too often?” and “Do you approve or disapprove of part of the White House grounds being dug up for a new, organic vegetable garden?” and “Would you be willing to join a symbolic tea party to protest excessive government spending?”