Bustamante Comes Clean

I think the last time Carlos Bustamante talked with a blogger was when he dropped his now infamous “water-bra” joke on Red County’s Matt Cunningham and former LATimes reporter Christian Berthelsen in the Hall of Administration. Well Carlos had something to say the other day so I joined other local bloggers for a brief meeting with the Santa Ana City Councilman to discuss what he termed a “clarification” meeting.

Okay I’m curious, I thought to myself. What on earth would Carlos want to clarify?

Well, it turns out that Carlos wanted to let us know that Art Pedroza actually got something right for a change. Carlos told us that he was the mystery “constituent” who tipped off Supervisor Moorlach to Planned Parenthood getting Tobacco Settlement money from the Health Care Agency. Carlos further explained that while he was successful in his City Council re-election campaign he was upset that Planned Parenthood had caused him to have to raise and spend more money than he had planned by endorsing Art Pedroza.

I asked Carlos why he waited so long to reveal the information to Moorlach and why he was coming forward now to claim responsibility. “I thought about this for a long time, as a County manager I m part of the club, revealing this information to Moorlach breaks an unwritten code not to reveal our secrets to the electeds.” Bustamante added; “I have come forward because I had heard that people are starting to claim assistant CEO Rob Richardson was behind it and that is simply not true.”

So, it turns out Art Pedroza’s voices actually spoke to him the truth. Go figure.

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  1. April 1, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Good April Fools’ joke!

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