OC’s Unions are NOT Staying on the Sidelines

groupAs economic recovery looms an estimated year or two away, mega-corporations across Orange County are looking for ways to pay for new furniture and line the pockets of their executives by sticking it to their loyal workforce. Unfortunately for them Orange County’s Unions and working class citizens are not letting that fly. OC’s Labor community is extremely organized, efficient, and ready to combat unfair corporate practices. In fact, Anaheim’s CWA Local 9510 got AT&T’s attention by striking and rallying in front of their Anaheim Headquarters today. The move was in response to AT&T’s plans to do away or significantly lower the following for their Anaheim based Communications Workers: Remove Job Security, drastically reduce benefits, remove 1/3rd of their holidays, and introduce performance based pay. Believe it or not that just some of their plans for their loyal employees.

The sad thing is that this is a company that still had a profit of over 13 billion last year, there’s no reason for them to take this ridiculous amount of action on the backbone of their own productivity. A reporter once asked Henry Ford why he paid his employees so well, and he famously retorted “If I don’t pay my employees well, who will buy my cars?” It appears that corporate loyalty to their employees is a thing of the past.

dscn0330Councilwomen Lorri Galloway also came by for a few minutes and a few photos, it was nice to have the support of a Anaheim City Council Member.

  2 comments for “OC’s Unions are NOT Staying on the Sidelines

  1. March 26, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Anyone know how much ATT is paying Tiger Woods for his endorsement??

  2. tina ruiz
    March 27, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    At&t wants union paid reps to take a pay cut and sales based pay knowing that at&t have outsourced all sales opportunitys to “agents” representing the company so the real sales ops have already been directed away from union workers. how stupid do they think we are? Our customers know the difference between agents and us….the company is underestimating our ability to maintain and keep the customers at&t has, without the union reps the company has lost its integrity.

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