CA-48: DPOC Asks Rep. Campbell to Return Tainted Harkey Donations

Yikes. It looks like South County’s infamous “Congressman No” may be in some deep trouble. This just in from the DPOC.

Democratic Party of Orange County Calls on Congressman John Campbell to Return Campaign Funds Donated by the Harkeys

Santa Ana, CA – March 24, 2009

The Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) is calling on Congressman John Campbell (R-CA 48th) to publicly return all campaign funds given by Assemblymember Diane Harkey (R-CA 73rd) and her husband Dan Harkey, president of the embattled Point Center Financial.

Dan Harkey and Point Center Financial are being sued by 53 of their investors for fraud and running a “Ponzi scheme.” He is currently under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and being sued in Riverside County for racketeering, fraud, and intentional misrepresentation. Assemblymember Diane Harkey is listed as a defendant because the lawsuit alleges that Dan Harkey illegally transferred funds from investors to Diane Harkey for political purposes. Public documents show her as an employee of the company.

The Orange County Register reports that the lawsuit filed against the Harkeys on November 6, 2008 alleges that Dan Harkey exaggerated the value of property and was able “to make millions by collecting his fees upfront” which allowed him to profit from the loans even if they went unpaid. The Register also reports that the investors’ lawsuit claims that 85% of Point Center’s loans have either defaulted or been foreclosed.

“The Harkeys’ combined contributions to Congressman Campbell from 2004 to 2008 totals $10,491,” said DPOC Chairman Frank Barbaro, “under these questionable circumstances, the Harkeys’ contributions to Congressman Campbell can hardly be considered legitimate and should be publicly returned immediately.”

Please contact the DPOC office at 714-835-5158 or to schedule an interview with Mr. Barbaro.


Democratic Party of Orange County

phone: (714) 835-5158

  2 comments for “CA-48: DPOC Asks Rep. Campbell to Return Tainted Harkey Donations

  1. Revan
    March 25, 2009 at 12:58 am

    Its like your not even trying anymore Davey.

    When I click on a post, I expect some commentary not just a copy and paste job.

  2. Ralp
    March 29, 2009 at 8:07 am

    In following the money trail, I am seeking further information on Diane Harkey’s affairs to some of the borrowers to kick back to her, Dan apparently handled the fund and she did the affairs those who have the video going around and photos please post an email so we can speak, are you selling the tapes or using it for evidence of corruption and money laundering. Either way I have a Investigator who would like to obtain additional sworn statements and additional evidence of these affairs for Money.

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