Cure CVS Now Protest and Rally

dscn0212I first caught wind of Cure CVS Now on the Facebooks, where a couple of my friends became concerned with expired baby products and condoms being locked up at local CVS stores in low income communities of color. I became involved with the group when I learned firsthand of the disgusting business practices being implemented by North America’s largest pharmacy, CVS. I wasted no time in visiting Anaheim’s 3 CVS stores and finding the same conditions in these stores as well. Here’ s a statement from Lucy Oh, The Cure CVS Now Campaign Organizer for our region.

Expired goods have been found on CVS’s shelves in cities across the country – you might even be able to find expired products at the CVS store near you. Researchers from Cure CVS have found expired infant formula, milk, eggs, and even over-the-counter medicines for sale at CVS stores. The company has been reprimanded numerous times for offenses like these, including citations from the Attorneys General of California and New York state, yet expired goods keep turning up for sale.

Lucy Oh
Cure CVS Now Campaign Organizer
(424) 603-7306

Over 50 people participated in a protest this last Thursday including myself and the Rag wrote an article on the event which you can check out here. Last but not least, thanks to all of you that turned out, especially the ones that came out with me, many of whom were sleep deprived or missed out on work.
Visit to learn more about these issues, and be sure to join the mailing list to stay updated and find out about upcoming events.”

  3 comments for “Cure CVS Now Protest and Rally

  1. jaime
    March 20, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    can you say union orchestrated protest!? I didn’t see any protestors outside the albertson’s where I almost bought an expired quart of half-n-half, oh, that’s right! It couldn’t have been any of those Union employees!

    I hope the Employee Free Choice Act goes down the drain where it belongs!

  2. Northcountystorm
    March 21, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    Perhaps the opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act can spend their lunch hours informing the public where they find outdated and unsafe products. Somehow I can’t see them out there concerned about consumers but there is always a first.

    Good for the folks that are exposing these bad practices, union or no.

  3. duplojohn
    March 23, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Sounds like the Danaher boys are pushing hard for CFRM21 regulation of this stuff.

    BIG BIG $$$$, hurts consumers.

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