Obama Town Hall Update – Waiting in Line

11:30 am: Several people from the Dayle McIntosh Center want to know why there was no provision for differently-abled and wheelchair attendees. Some have been in line all morning and no one has assisted them in the process. Note to planners, make provisions for differently-abled supporters so they can participate too. It’s difficult if not impossible for many to wait in line.

11:15 am: Ken Arnold is also in the gray zone. He says they’ve just gotten word that there are no more tickets. They’re going to continue moving through the line to pick up a voucher. Most still in line are doubtful that they will have the opportunity to attend, but like all strong supporters, they’re not giving up yet. He named at least a dozen other folks who are in the gray zone.

10:15 am:  Katrina Foley, Costa Mesa City Councilmember has been at the OC Fairgrounds all night talking with folks waiting for tickets in “Camp Obama”. Most of the folks I’ve been talking to this morning are in the “gray” area where it is unknown if the are close enough to get a prized ticket for tomorrow’s Town Hall meeting.

earlier: I’ve heard from several people who are waiting in line for the chance to attend the Obama Town Hall in Costa Mesa this morning. There were approximately 600 people in line around 6 am. According to one supporter, she estimated that there were over 1000 by 8 a.m. The scene early this morning was of a tent city of hopeful Obama supporters.

Liberal OC contributor Steve Perez said he was within the first 400 until people rushed to the front. Now he estimates around 800 people are in front of him. He’s been there since 11:45 last night. Perez says he stayed up all night chatting with linemates instead of pitching a tent and sleeping.

An update from another friend now has the line at over 2000. The last I heard, there are fewer than 2000 tickets available. I hope everyone who is there will have the opportunity to attend. Friends are texting madly back and forth trying to find each other and assess their chances.

Latest word from a few of them is that there are fewer tickets available than the 2000 announced last night. Keep your fingers crossed for everyone who is braving the crowds.

More as word comes in…